Burnout to Well-Being for Professionals


Are you struggling with a lack of enthusiasm in your life?  Perhaps you’re challenged with balancing your professional and personal life. For some of my clients these experiences lead to a sense of loneliness. Often it is accompanied by a sense of restlessness related to feeling they have unrealized potential, even while they may already be feeling overwhelmed.

Here is some of what my clients achieve.

  • Self-Compassion
  • Courage
  • New perspectives
  • Inner resources
  • Increased joy and Greater ease

This is available to you too.  Over the time we partner, you’ll have an opportunity to get back in touch with your sense of purpose and strengths, clarify what your revitalized life looks like and develop strategies for increased success and happiness.


I’m Dina Markind, an experienced coach and master’s prepared nurse.  After over 20 years of actively working as a nurse, I was burnt out and had some of the experiences above.  Since then I’ve revitalized my life.

Nurturing is central to who I am. I became a coach so that I can actively partner with you to gently guide and support your growth to live optimally. The compassion and caring that I brought to patient care now shows up in the individualized commitment I have to clients’ living their best life as they define it. Having worked with a variety of people, I bring an awareness of the uniqueness of each person along with a sense that we are all part of the human condition.

The power of our partnership leads to success, even for those who have tried and failed to make changes before. 

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Join with me on your journey back to well-being.

What do you want your life to be like?

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Certified Coach and M.S. in Nursing

I was able to accomplish certain goals that didn’t seem doable when we started…. Throughout the process it was clear to me that Dina cared about me and my interest was her interest. –  Joel G

I so appreciated all your guidance and help. I’ve come from our sessions feeling more focused, and, believe it or not, braver.  I know I can go forward, embracing new things, without being afraid. Thank you! – Antoinette Maconi

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In addition to one-on-one coaching over the phone, I offer interactive group programs to improve well-being.  For more information contact me.